President Sands looks back on his first year

This June will mark a full year of commitment to Cleveland State for President Harlan M. Sands. For Sands, a man who defines a good job as being as present as possible on campus, his first year has gone well so far. “I have made it my business to be present,” President Sands said. “That [...]

Review of “The Importance of Being Ernest”

A piano plays softly in the background as the lights dim in the theatre. An eclectic collection of patterned rugs and leather, animal printed chairs sit on the stage as a butler mills about arranging trays of food.  We’re placed in London in the 1890s, where themes of marriage and money ring high in this [...]

Senior-entrepreneur opens store in Southpark Mall

Senior-entrepreneur opens store in Southpark Mall

Starting in November, senior and entrepreneur Tyler Hobel will have his own space in Southpark Mall dedicated to his business, Bloom Clothing Company, after winning retail space rent-free for six months. A fourth year student majoring in Organizational Leadership, Hobel has owned Bloom for a little over a year. Opening a business while in college [...]