CSU kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Students milled in and out of the rows of tables that were scattered throughout the Student Center Atrium. The feeling in the air was one of acceptance and understanding, topped with a feeling of determination. The Day of Action event is how Cleveland State University kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness Month (S.A.A.M.) on Tuesday, AprilContinue reading “CSU kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

April to bring more attention to sexual assault awareness

Usually, opinion articles tend to be more controversial, testing boundaries and pushing buttons. For the sake of transparency, I will be straight up from the beginning of this piece and point out that I am writing an opinion piece on this topic while also covering the entire Feature section. I will say that my opinionContinue reading “April to bring more attention to sexual assault awareness”

When being perfect just isn’t an option anymore

I have a friend, let’s call her Jen. Jen has always been used to being the best of everything she’s tried. She strives for perfection and always has since her childhood. It’s just her normal. But lately, that normal just isn’t possible anymore. Life is getting the best of Jen and she feels like aContinue reading “When being perfect just isn’t an option anymore”

Out-of-state student on why Cleveland isn’t all that bad

Californian student moves to Cleveland to finish education Cleveland, Ohio. It’s not somewhere that people generally think about when they decide to move across the country. It isn’t a top destination city that is bursting at the seams with tourists life San Diego or New York City. However, it was for me. Cleveland was, and still is, a way to escape theContinue reading “Out-of-state student on why Cleveland isn’t all that bad”

hold on to those good old days

Days seem to keep slipping by. I’m in my early twenties, should be taking advantage of every minute of each day. But instead, I find myself staring at the ceiling sometimes, just drained – mentally and physically – from the day. Now, a lot of my friends feel this way. We’re so caught up inContinue reading “hold on to those good old days”