Keeping up with the Catholics

This past weekend, Friday, July 28th – Sunday, July 30th, I attended an event by the name of Steubenville.

Steubenville is an annual weekend retreat for Christian, specifically Catholic, youth. I attended this with my own personal viewpoint because while I am a practicing Christian and have been for most of my life, I am not a confirmed Catholic.

Words of advice from rising country star Anna Vaus

Californian singer and songwriter Anna Vaus has been leaving her mark on Nashville, Tennessee for nearly three years – and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Born and raised in Poway, a tiny suburb in San Diego, CA, Vaus had always found comfort in making and being surrounded by music. Having a father asContinue reading “Words of advice from rising country star Anna Vaus”

Thoughts that occur when traveling

A lot goes through your head when sitting at an airport. It’s almost over-stimulating, the hustle and bustle of people running about trying to make flights. Having security members barking orders at you. I know it is their job, to ensure things are done safely and correctly, but I don’t believe harsh words and actionsContinue reading “Thoughts that occur when traveling”

From the girl who lives to appease others

Sometimes it is hard to discern what lessons life is trying to throw at you. It makes some of us sit down and say, “Okay, God, I have no idea what you’re trying to tell me this time.” I’ve realized that I need to stop caring about what other people think of me. Whether itContinue reading “From the girl who lives to appease others”

who says dreaming is overrated?

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is the future. The giant abyss in front of me that seems to be crawling with a million different paths, choices, outcomes…you name it, I have probably thought about it. And while mulling over details of the future can be somewhat daunting at times, theContinue reading “who says dreaming is overrated?”