Finding support in Him

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here and as much as that disappoints me, I know the reason for it is fair. I’ve had a heavy load this semester when it comes to responsibilities and the term has flown by. It truly feels like spring semester just began. But that couldn’t be fartherContinue reading “Finding support in Him”

hold on to those good old days

Days seem to keep slipping by. I’m in my early twenties, should be taking advantage of every minute of each day. But instead, I find myself staring at the ceiling sometimes, just drained – mentally and physically – from the day. Now, a lot of my friends feel this way. We’re so caught up inContinue reading “hold on to those good old days”

Eventually things will turn around, even if not right now. And that’s ok.

“No one knows me, no one ever will. If I don’t say something, if I just lie still.” Singer and songwriter Milck showed her own vulnerability when sharing these words in her song “Quiet.” Another line that hits you in the gut: “I can’t keep quiet…a one women riot.” I want to be that riot.Continue reading “Eventually things will turn around, even if not right now. And that’s ok.”

Don’t get caught up in the web of invalidity

When someone comes into your life and they seem to instantly connect with you, the automatic assumption is that you were meant to be in each other’s lives. As friends, partners or even just acquaintances. Usually, these feelings are accurate. But not always. And that is alright. When someone takes themselves out from underneath theContinue reading “Don’t get caught up in the web of invalidity”