CSU kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Students milled in and out of the rows of tables that were scattered throughout the Student Center Atrium. The feeling in the air was one of acceptance and understanding, topped with a feeling of determination. The Day of Action event is how Cleveland State University kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness Month (S.A.A.M.) on Tuesday, AprilContinue reading “CSU kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

April to bring more attention to sexual assault awareness

Usually, opinion articles tend to be more controversial, testing boundaries and pushing buttons. For the sake of transparency, I will be straight up from the beginning of this piece and point out that I am writing an opinion piece on this topic while also covering the entire Feature section. I will say that my opinionContinue reading “April to bring more attention to sexual assault awareness”

Review of “The Importance of Being Ernest”

A piano plays softly in the background as the lights dim in the theatre. An eclectic collection of patterned rugs and leather, animal printed chairs sit on the stage as a butler mills about arranging trays of food.  We’re placed in London in the 1890s, where themes of marriage and money ring high in thisContinue reading “Review of “The Importance of Being Ernest””

Bubbling Book Corner: Review: “Luckiest Girl Alive” by Jessica Knoll

Have you ever felt like you just made the biggest mistake of your life? Or something was so humiliating and degrading that you wished with all your might that you could force everyone to forget? Imagine if it was that easy to just try and erase your past as much as possible. To live eachContinue reading “Bubbling Book Corner: Review: “Luckiest Girl Alive” by Jessica Knoll”

What to read throughout 2019

I’m the kind of person that has a huge pile of books that she’s read, as well as an ever-growing pile of books to be read (TBR). The latter of the two piles never stops growing and hardly ever diminishes in numbers. However, this doesn’t stop me from getting more books. I have always lovedContinue reading “What to read throughout 2019”

When being perfect just isn’t an option anymore

I have a friend, let’s call her Jen. Jen has always been used to being the best of everything she’s tried. She strives for perfection and always has since her childhood. It’s just her normal. But lately, that normal just isn’t possible anymore. Life is getting the best of Jen and she feels like aContinue reading “When being perfect just isn’t an option anymore”