Stylish number fonts free download

stylish number fonts free download

We are not going to bore you again with a lengthy intro about the importance of fonts, as we all know that fonts whether creative and formal add an additional value to our design. From the script to sans serifs and brushes, we have today compiled a list of 9 stylish number fonts that are going vree turn around the look of your design and creative project. CombiNumerals Font Available in both a white and black fontts base, the font is narrow and clear. The simplicity and easy readability make the font a best fit for print based projects and artworks. Download 2. KG Traditional Fractions Font With a hand drawn effect that is casual, relaxed and non-serious, the font is certainly best fit for the informal piece of work or projects. Also of great use where you are looking to go past the formal appearance without being too kiddish.
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  • Free downloads of legally licensed fonts that are perfect for your design projects.
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  • The letters follow the same design, providing a cohesive look across a website or in print.

    25 Best Number Fonts for Displaying Numbers

    Digital fonts are the best choice for sites that have a futuristic look to them. Orbitron is the perfect font to use for a futuristic site or on a sci-fi movie poster. The numbers are very geometric in design with rounded corners and thin lines. The zero is the coolest number in the bunch with a stroke that connects two opposite corners. Geostar Fill has a signature look to it, making you feel as though the numbers and letters were carved out of a block.

    The numbers have a blocky shape with a mixture of thin and bold lines to give them a futuristic styling. Exo 2 has an almost comic sans styling to it but without the janky strokes.

    Free Stylish Fonts · Fonts

    The numerals are easy to read, have very rounded corners and look good doanload both small and large print sizes. Geostar is the sister stylish of Geostar Fill but lacks the bold fills in the verticals. Download fill is taken out, leaving you with open verticals and creating a futuristic look.

    The letters and numbers combined would be a fantastic choice for sci-fi websites, posters and other media. Each number and fonts has that signature pixel style, making this font the perfect choice for gaming sites or creating a unique design for blogs and brands. Give You Glory not only has an awesome name but also looks awesome, combining mix-case styling in the letters. It mimics the look of handwriting and flows easily in number runs of text.

    The numbers are also visually pleasing with slight slants to the free.

    Free downloads of legally licensed fonts that are perfect for your design projects.

    Rock Salt was created using felt-tip markers, making it stand out from other fonts in this list. The numbers and letters are angular and purposeful, giving you something unique to add to your site or prints. Gloria Hallelujah is downlad great font to use for comics and other fun, engaging media. Permanent Marker looks like its name suggests. This font was created using a permanent marker and has thick, bold lines with jagged edges that appear as though the ink has seeped into the paper.

    When used sparingly on a website, it could make certain areas stand out to the reader. Sheppards is part of the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection, mimicking the lettering from the downnload. The numbers in this font are quite bold with thinner lines sometimes in the beginning, middle or end strokes to represent real handwriting. Is cursive dying in the digital era?

    You just need to find the write cursive fonts to keep the style alive online. These five fonts provide what we believe to be the coolest numbers in the cursive styling. Kaushan Script offers a natural handwritten style for prints both small and large.

    30 Best Free Number Fonts (Cool & Stylish) for

    The numbers slant to the right and have different positioning at the base to give them slight variations when used in dates and other numerical situations. Kalam has a clean style with numbers that look effortless when used alongside text. The number 8 lacks a connector, making it appear as though it was written quickly by hand. Dancing Script is an elegant font with numbers that belong on any formal print, such as a wedding invitation. Use Dancing Script as a primary or a secondary font on a high-end website or in physical print.

    Bad Script offers unique numbers — some are small while others are large. It sthlish a part of Charles Bluemlein Script Collection.

    Stylish Number Fonts | Design Trends - Premium PSD, Vector Downloads

    It looks like the lettering style of the 30s. The numbers look strong and bold. The font has numbers with thinner lines sometimes in the beginning, middle and end to resemble a handwritten font with not so perfect consistency. It is ideal for any artsy person. This is a great number font that has numeral characters as well as punctuation marks.

    This font is a unique number font style that is based on the Type Specimen Book by Fonderie Clement. It is one of the coolest number-specific typefaces today. This font is sure to impress many people and make your design stand out. Sancreek is a unique number font with a unique design style. Each number has a certain unique flower style in the curves and tails of each character.

    Sep 20,  · 30 Best Free Number Fonts. Last updated: September 20, ; Posted in: Tips, Tricks and Tools With Google Fonts, you can embed them on your site or download them to your computer. The Most Stylish Number karenchristine.coted Reading Time: 9 mins. Number fonts is a style that is dedicated to just the number letters. These letters may be roman numerals or old-style figures with varying heights. This is not a complete collection, many other fonts on FontSpace have fancy numbers in the number digits. Get started with FontSpace today and find fonts that are sure to match the look you’re going for! About FontSpace. Founded in , FontSpace is a designer-centered font website that has quick customizable previews and hassle-free downloads. Every font is added and categorized by a real person.

    It makes the numbers look like numher and have a certain style. This font is best utilized in all caps and is best suited for posters, titles, prints and other western designs. This font is known as one of a kind Google font that has exceptional style. The numbers have slim horizontal lines as well as wide vertical strokes.

    It has degree angles at the corners, which gives the font an amazing look.

    Free Cursive Fonts · Fonts

    The design is based on straight lines, faceted curves and has many other straightened elements. It is decorative and fun to use. Ewert is a fancy number font that makes use of ornamental legs for each number. It resembles the feel of classic furniture. All the characters are bold, big and also decorative. These are ideal for tattoo prints and carnival designs. The font looks good in small and large sizes both and on mobiles and desktops as well.

    Old Standard TT is another nostalgia-driven number font. It has specific types of modern sans serif and serif style typefaces. These typefaces were popular during the 19 th and 20 th century. It is an ideal font to be used in scientific research papers, on topics like social and humanitarian sciences. This font is one of the best examples of Cyrillic and Greek letter type. Old Standard TT is a free Google font. It revives the most prominent style of the 20 th century.

    This is another font by Kats Fun Font that has creative figures with face and hands-on each number. This is a very expressive number font that is ideal for children storybook or even math book.

    Free Fonts | 85,+ Font Downloads | FontSpace

    It can also be used for birthday countdowns and expressing numbers like age, year and other aspects. The font is sure to stand out from the rest of the fonts and appeal to a younger audience. It is a perfect choice for creating bullet points. It adds style and character to the otherwise basic bullet points.

    These numbers can also use for casinos or fref posters. You could very well create a fan poster using this font. It would also look great on countdown timers for a cash reward. This is a great serif font which brings the aesthetics of 90s Halloween back. It has triangular Latin serifs that have brightening elements. Xtylish font is keen on making any design project look stunning.

    It is ideal for party posters and includes amazing decorative elements. This is a new and vonts number font that has many creatively designed numbers.

    stylish number fonts free download

    It also has worked very well on the currency symbols and punctuations. This font is inspired by hand-painted room numbers from a hotel in Austria. There are no alphabet characters present in this font. Dowhload is one of the modern typeface number fonts that have an elegant design. This font has all uppercase letters and numbers. It is ideal for designing business and creative designs.

    Number Fonts - Free Roman Numerals & More | FontSpace

    The characters are straight and have confident strokes. It comes with three weights — thin, regular and bold. This is a simple and clean vintage san serifs font. The characters have smooth edges that highlight vintage printing. You can use our font generator to create fonts that are humber to copy and paste into your website, social media profiles, and more.

    Download Stylish Fonts - Search Free Fonts

    All you have to do is type some text into the input box. You can change the font size of the previews via the slider next to the input box. You also have the option to change the foreground color. But you can access s of more fonts—from cursive fonts to cool fonts and other trendy styles. Text fonts are a crucial part of your branding design, but ironically, this aspect of branding is usually overlooked. You can free excellent download, images, and other graphic content but if the font on your site or in your branded assets is less than rocking, it could easily turn a reader away.

    When designing your brand identity, you must use a consistent set of fonts, each number a specific purpose. Make sure the fonts are legible. They fonts needed for headings, titles, subtitles, and body text in any collateral or online materials. Consider the weight and size of each font, along with the style. Make sure that the different choices you select are harmonious with one another.

    Choose a style that is different from your competitors and translates the personality of your brand. And, most importantly, the font you select should always be easy on the eyes. Nobody likes working with copy that requires squinting to read. Founded inFontSpace is a designer-centered font website that has quick customizable previews and stylish downloads. Every font is added and categorized by a real person.

    Each font is reviewed by a FontSpace moderator, checked for font quality issues, and licenses are verified. With an ever-increasing amount of unethical font websites available, we strive to be THE source for legitimate and clearly licensed fonts.

    stylish number fonts free download

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