Can i download iphoto on my mac

can i download iphoto on my mac

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  • By running some maintenance script, you often end up losing some information. Also, why myy they think it is iohoto good idea to keep sending photos by email in front so you cannot do anything until the email is sent? Also, I found I have to let iPhoto do its thing for a few minutes before I can relatively work on anything without going crazy. Libertyforall Feb 12 Such a simple thing Apple, but a big gap! Bellebaby Oct 27 I can mange my photos easily by using it.

    What else, its tiny shape atracts me a lot. Well, I think it's a nice one. B-Jefferson-Le-Blanc Oct 27 Steven-Goodheart Oct 13 This update to 9. But I get this weird "an error has occurred" in the App Store application before I even try to download the update which the store clearly thinks I should have. When I try to do the update Any suggestions?

    Simple being told "an error has occurred" isn't much help! Thanks for any feedback or suggestions, Steve. Phoenixdownunder Oct 12 Won't update either directly or through the AppStore. Originally installed from disk iLife11 and now wants an account.

    All wrong. Albabe Oct 12 New version available as of a ihoto moments ago. Twisted Sep 25 I have 14k pictures and it is enough responsive on my 3-years-old iMac, though more advanced features in photo editing would be welcomed. The UI is awesome. The Books are wonderful, I've printed many and the quality was impressive — i really felt like a profi that's why I switched to Aperture then :- And I can also use it to make super slideshows for YouTube! Mark-Lee Jul 31 I wish Apple mmy create an organizer app for graphics in general -- not just photos.

    Right now, iPhoto is only great if you use it as a personal photo library. Meaning, you actually shoot the photos you add to iPhoto. If you just collect photos from all over the places -- websites, friends, etc. Not to mention, it is the worst app for collecting graphics, in general, like drawings, paintings, or illustrations.

    They all get mixed with files that actually are photos, they all get their own messed up events. Not to mention that iPhoto tries to face-recognize files even though they are not pictures. And the event system itself is the worst if you want to use iPhoto for something even slightly beyond just personal photo library. Now to the UI flaws: - Keywords are a pain to add. You have to click so many times that you will probably fall asleep before you get to the actual keyword adding.

    The field just disappears if you have more than one photo selected. Another mind-boggling illogical thinking of Apple. Yes, you have to click through all youror whatever, photos to add a face to them. Even though you only have the same person on all of them. Really, Apple? I'm adding thousands of new photos a month. How am I supposed to find something in there? Iphoto not allow me to set the "Last" to a day?

    What will happen if you give me such power? Am I going to crash the world's economy by setting the filter to a day? Mac-Geek Jul 12 Anyone know if this update fixes the problem with keywords not displaying mac photos? Surfspirit Jul 12 I bet there will be other surprises in the others iLife apps!!

    Oh and I can't download photos anymore, they still on the hardrive! Moxiesozo Jul 11 Is Apple forcing us to re purchase this app on the App Store in order to stay current? Vitaly Jul 11 I would like to see an option on iPhoto to Set as Poster Frame just as in Aperture, so you can choose a picture frame to visually identify the can without having to click on play.

    I think this shall be an standard feature on iPhoto just as it is on Aperture. Mikebenda May 12 I've been using iLife and iPhoto since the suite first came out and like a lot about the applications, including the multi-functionality of iPhoto, how it's an integrated solution for importing, storing, organizing, emailing and printing my photos, and for creating cards and books.

    What is iPhoto for Mac

    That said, I really don't like this version. The interface and usability seems to be a step backwards. I have iphoto scrolling through my long list of rolls as it jumps around uncontrollably most of the time. And I don't like how the escape key no longer works. But there is one thing that I hate. In the previous versions of iPhoto, I could create some great mac cards and print them out on my printer. This functionality has been stripped out of iPhoto.

    Now mac are forced to BUY cards through Apple's service. This stinks of petty greed. RavenNevermore May ophoto iphoto I undated via SoftwareUpdate. Scrolling and everything else works as before. I'm using a wireless Mighty Mouse. Guest May 12 All in all the software works well for me. Up to version 9. This works no longer since update 9. Permissions repaired, no improvement.

    I dowload a recent update 9. Going back to second last version. Appledogx Mh 12 If you bought it via the app download, the software won't let you install this update. It will only update via the app store. I like the app store, but not the way it now controls my software instead of letting me do it. Libertyforall May 12 Uniquepito Apr 28 Kees-De-W Apr 27 You do have to go to the preferences and manually select Outlook, even if it appears this is already selected, but it does now dowmload.

    If they can fix the silly fullscreen mode so that it actually provides a benefit over the windowed mode, like the previous version, I may actually be able to use iPhoto again without constantly being annoyed. StrictlyBagel Apr 18 A major step backward, that's what iPhoto 9 is compared to iPhoto 8. The biggest "improvement" is that iPhoto now creates a duplicate for every image that is edited in an external program such as Photoshop Elements.

    Truly annoying, because the edited image doesn't have any link to the original version. Previously iPhoto 8 saved the version edited in Photoshop Elements back, maintaining the link to the original. Thereby, if things went wrong one could always go back. Now I've got to keep three images on my harddrive: the original, the iPhoto modified version both shown as ONE image in iPhotoand the version that was edited with an external editor shown as a separate image in iPhoto.

    Now, THAT ob truly annoying. Egoldy Jan 6 Can should display under each image. It's a damn bug. It's nauseating that you haven't fixed it since release. I bought this software and downgraded back because I got sick of waiting for a fix. Another new release. Another non-fix. Dosnload Dec 22 While I did like the can import of images from my digital camera with download, packaging the application as a photo organizer distinguishing old and new photos is less convincing than providing more options for image editing.

    Apple's philosophy seems to be that iTunes organizes and syncs songs, so iPhoto should so the same thing with images. As a result, I find I'm avoiding contact with iPhoto entirely. Give me more hardcore photo editing capabilities, instead. Uli-Graser Dec 22 DigFra Dec 22 Horrible, money lost. Don't buy it, use the old but better iPhoto Ah Ah ah No possibility to see photos in fullscreen without un-useless toolbar.

    How do i download iphoto on macbook pro - Apple Community

    No toolbar hiding. No possibility to zoom-in zoom-out in fullscreen using the multitouch, no possibility to compare photos in fullscreen without toolbar What kind of fullscreen ipphoto Downgraded to version Version 11 for sale Half price. Monkeyjunkey Dec 22 Wow, Apple allows me to use external mail software to mail photos from iPhote. This is very kind of you, steve. I found it very irritating, that this wasn't possible at first. I think Apple is testing user reaction towards more closed systems.

    So this update is welcome. Thanks for giving me choice, but why take away choice from the user in the first place? Uniquepito Nov 5 Missing feature from iPhoto 8 - right click on pic mac "Show can finder"!!!! Bondodesign Oct cann I have waited for hours, activity-monitor says there nothing going on. I can quit, but I can't emty my trash iphlto iPhoto, download jac all over iphoto I start again Why is Apple not taking us serious?

    I'm so disappointed. Knowhowe Oct 31 No problems here. Working like a dream, opens and responds quicker than before. Love the new look and the full screen option is great. Having a bit of bother stopping the slideshows always playing that annoying piece of supplied guitar music though, rather than the music I choose. Probably my fault- any hints? Melman-Flink Oct 30 Installed without any ipboto whatsoever. Program is running fine with a database of some 50, photos. Oct 30 Uh oh.

    Installed the latest update and the icon bounces in the Dock, iPhoto never opens and I don't know what to do next. George-Baron Oct 30 This is a mess. I can open my library, expand a single photo, then when I try downlosd go back to library I watch my screen, and computer completely freeze. I have to shut down with the button on the back of the iMac, then restart. I have done the restart with the CMD-Option button pressed and done the rebuilds and permissions. This could have been averted by the Usability Engineering people testing this product across the entire iphogo of Intel Based Macs from the beginning to today's Macs.

    Download iPhoto for Mac | MacUpdate

    Obviously asleep iphkto the job! Px Oct 29 Bugs may not come often from Apple Remember Snow Leopard guest account? If this is 'Back to the Mac' then Apple, please stop before I loose everything. Do it properly or don't at all. Data loss I am highly disappointed with current release of iLife mostly because of untouched iWeb, but also with changes to iPhoto. For a start - iLife '11 apps are still bit only.

    This should be a real shame for Apple for releasing such memory hungry applications downloav ancient technology Also, iPhoto'11 looks "new", but in fact all what changed are new slideshow themes and new ways to socialise your ugly face photos on Facebook or Flickr. Now it is changed to non resizable bar to the right of your screen. There is no way to turn off distracting buttons and sliders. Amazing, how nice idea can be done so wrong. Secondly - there is single change to photo editing tools.

    If you are not ordering books, or are not slideshow heavy maker - just stick to iPhoto'09 and spend that money on anything else. Dorkypants Mar 30 This is bizarre. I already have iPhoto 8. Jason-C- Feb 17 Pik80 Jan 21 Events seemed like a great idea when they were released in iPhoto 08 but the trouble with them is that you can't put events inside of other events.

    Aug 11,  · I am trying to download or find iphoto for my macbook pro but cannot find it anywhere, please help? More Less. MacBook Pro, Mac OS X () Posted on Aug 11, PM Reply I have this question too (35) I have this question too Me too ( Oct 15,  · Share your images with family and friends via email, or post photos on social networks. iPhoto for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. The application's installer is commonly called IPhoto for Mac is sometimes referred to as "iPhoto copy". This free application was developed to work on Mac OS X or later.4/5(). Mar 20,  · Just opened my Macbook and wanted to download all the photos i made. for some reason i can't find my iPhoto. all i found was a line up of my photos in a terrible designed program which is not coming close to what i was used to. Why does apple do this? why would you change a perfectly working program to a shit tool like this/5().

    The reason this is such a problem is that after you load so many thousands of photographs there becomes to many events and it becomes cumbersome to sludge through them all. Their mj to this problem in 08 was the add the ability to merge events together. When this happens everything becomes one large event, it doesn't maintain the groups of the events you merge together. I guess I can forgive them not totally thinking this feature though in iPhoto 08 but nearly can year and a half later they should have got this right by now.

    Adding events inside of events is a lot more important than even features like faces and places. Doing a search is also limiting from the search box. You can't set multiple search criteria at a time like in the Finder or Adobe Bridge. In other words I can't say show me the files with these keywords that were taken during this time period and have this rating. I can only do one at a time. Download I iphoto do this with a smart folder but I would like to have option not to since I don't always want to come back to the search later.

    Posting to Facebook and Flickr only gives you access to some of the features on those sites. You can't enter in all the information about the pictures from directly with k iPhoto captions for photos, who can see the pictures, what should be the key photograph for an dowwnload etc. Also iPhoto doesn't pull the previous albums you created back in to iPhoto so you can only view some of your albums not all of them. If you ever have to move your information to a new hard drive down the road all the work you did to put together slide shows won't come across with the rest of the photos.

    I found this out the hard way as mac spent a lot of time setting up manual Ken Burns effects so that they would pan from one particular area of a photograph to another. Now the only way a can access them is to boot back and forth between my old hard drive. It is a good thing I happen to have two drives in my machine or I would have to recreate them. I imagine this is what you would have to do if you had a laptop.

    The recent area on the sidebar only shows the last event you look at. This is ok but I would like to see a history of the last several events I viewed. The last 12 months area doesn't organize those photos by events so you just gets this massive number of photos which isn't very convenient. Keep in mind that these features I am talking about are not even pro features they are all basic features that should be available for everyone.

    Iscream Nov 25 Photo syncing with iPhone no longer works Theoph Aug 19 After m to iPhoto 8. One must deselect Photo syncing in ITunes to resume the syncing function. Of course you don't sync your Photos anymore. Savo33bravo-The-Liar Aug 18 Steve-R Jun 11 I updated to dowwnload latest 8. Prior to updating I had cann exported several versions of my project using the same non-DRM-protected mp3 file.

    can i download iphoto on my mac

    After updating, my slideshow has no exported sound. I tried AAC, still iphoo sound. Restarted the computer, no sound. Even tried the built in themes, no sound on the exported file.

    Tomorrow I pull out my disks and reinstall msc, not letting iPhoto update to see if there is any joy in mudville. RandomTox Jun 7 I tried using custom sizes but there is a bug that causes improper orientation of photos. I think EU should come up with regulation that all software is compatible with metric system before any product is allowed to the market. Andy-Hewitt Jun 4 As downloda as I've always liked iPhoto, and have used it for may generations now, the '09 version isn't working well for me.

    For the cost of iLife, it's undoubtedly a very good value media manager, and is still far better than either Picasa or Expressions. It's also worth remembering that this is a 'consumer' level application, not a Pro app, so in the right context it is one of the best image managers there is. I also mad it's unfair to knock down iPhoto for poor Raw format support - this is part of the OS, and affects anything that uses Apple Raw support, including Aperture.

    However, there are some niggles for me. My biggest is very poor editing performance with Raw images. If I do some quick adjustments, and move to the next image, iPhoto will eventually pause, sometimes for as much as two minutes. I can alleviate this by watching my iStat menu for processor usage, and waiting until it drops before moving on - this still takes a good 20 seconds per image though. Fortunately I'm not a Pro, so it isn't critical.

    As others have mentioned, the 'Faces' feature isn't quite there yet, and it seems to work less well as more faces are added. I'd like a function to disable the features altogether.

    Download iPhoto

    Odysseus Jun 4 User profile for user: Rio Rio Question: Q: Question: Q: How do i download iphoto on macbook pro I am trying to downloac or find iphoto for my macbook pro but cannot find it anywhere, please help? More Less. Reply I have this question too 35 I have this question too Me too 35 Me too. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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    Apple Card Speciality level out of ten: 0. Back your data up first. Sources such as Amazon or eBay. If you upgrade it to Snow Leopard, you can also use iLife View answer in context. Loading page content. User profile for user: Niel Niel. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Aug 11, PM in response to Niel In response to Niel I am very new to using this macbook, Ive had it for a few years but only really used it for the internet!

    What is an ilife DVD and where can I purchase this if the disk option fails? Thank you Reply Helpful 1 Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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