Letting God come & transform you

It’s no secret that when you let God come into your life, some changes will most likely be made. The struggle is being open enough to let that happen.

But once you open up your heart to Him, you will start to notice some changes as each day goes by! That’s a good thing, even if at the time you might be wondering, “wait, why can’t this be a thing anymore?” or “Since when did I stop doing this or that?”

These changes can be small, like suddenly you notice you don’t cuss nearly as much as you used to. Or they can be more significant, like you feel as if the direction your life was going in has changed completely.

No matter which way it happens, the shifts in your life are all God’s doing. He knows what He has planned for you and you just have to trust that as long as you are receptive of these changes, they are meant to be.

It can be scary at first, when you notice these changes and don’t know what to do. When suddenly you feel driven to do something else in life, be someone else, lead a life differently then what you initially planned. But it can be exciting too, knowing that the path that lays ahead of you is filled with the compassion and love that God holds for you.

He would never let anything bad ever happen to you. Even when things get hard or you start to struggle, you have to have faith that He would never give you too many burdens to carry. He knows what you can handle and He also knows when it is a good time to test your boundaries.

Be open to Him and the way He can transform you and your life. You never know where it will lead you, and you most likely will prefer it over what you planned on your own. Because He knows what you need in life more than you do.



Published by KC Longley

journalism undergrad / legal studies grad Business owner with Younique

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